FAQ's & Policies


Question: How do I use the 0% Financing to purchase my furniture?

Answer: Once you get to the payment method at checkout, be sure to click on "Slice it. Pay over time with Klarna." You will be rerouted to their page to fill out some information to see if you qualify. If it all works out, Klarna will go ahead and pay our company in full, and then you will be responsible for making minimum payments to them each month and paying off your furniture in full. 

 Question: I'm confused on how you ship, if you ship, and what I would need to do to get your furniture to my home, what should I do?

Answer: Please connect with us! The best way is through our facebook or instagram pages. Send us a message with your questions. You can also email us at support@ironbyirondesigns.com We are proud to respond to your questions promptly!

 Question: I have a really specific question about color, design, or size, how can I get in touch with you?

Answer: You can email us @ support@ironbyirondesigns.com or message us on our facebook or instagram pages.  A representative will get in touch with you within 24 hours during the business week. 


Question: Can you ship and how expensive is it? 

Answer: Yes, we can ship via LTL freight. Cost totally depends upon where you're located. We will be getting in touch with you to let you know exactly what that looks like. 


Question: Do I have to pay extra to have my furniture stained?

Answer: No, the prices include the stain color of your choice. 


Question: How do I protect my furniture and keep it looking great?

Answer: We’ve got you covered. All tables come with several layers of commercial grade lacquer which will protect your beautiful piece of furniture for years to come. You can use soap and water to keep it shiny and clean. Things To Avoid Include: Harsh Chemicals, Magic Erasers, HOT Dishes Or Cups


Question: Will you deliver my furniture to me and if so how much does it cost?

Answer: Yes, we do deliver! If you have someone to help us unload, then it is $2 per mile from our door to yours. If we need to bring 2 people to unload, then It is $2.50 a mile from our address to yours. We are located in Longview, Texas. We do have a $60 minimum requirement for delivery. 


Question: How long does it take to make my furniture?

Answer: Our waiting list can range from 8 -14 weeks sometimes it takes a little longer and sometimes a little less. This of course does change a little bit depending on how many orders we already have in line as well as how many pieces you order. All lead times given are PURELY ESTIMATES, sometimes we can get your furniture to you faster, sometimes it takes longer... Our primary goal is to make sure you have a high quality product that you're going to love for years to come. 


Question: What type of payment do you accept?

Answer: We accept cash, credit and debit cards, venmo, paypal and checks.


Question: Do you make extensions, or tables with leaves?

Answer: Yes! We do offer leaves that fit on the end of the table.


Question: I have already paid for my furniture, but no longer want or need it. Can I receive a refund.

Answer: All payments are non-refundable. Each piece is custom made just for you, so it would really be great if you were 100% convinced of exactly what you would like when you purchase. :)  


Question: I have ordered a custom piece, but what if I don't like it. Can I get a refund?

Answer: No refunds will be given on custom orders. We will gladly work with you to fix or change what you do not like about the piece.  


Question: I need my order next weekend for a huge party, can I get my order by then?

Answer: Yes and No, we do rush orders for a fee. The fee depends on how soon you need the piece(s), they are usually between $150-$500. Sometimes there is just no way to rush orders, we do try our best to get you what you the piece on time, but sometimes its just not possible.


Question: What type of wood do you use? Is it heavy?

Answer: The two primary types of wood that we use for all furniture are Southern Pine or Red Oak.

Pine is a less expensive option but is still incredibly beautiful. It is considered a "soft wood" meaning that if you drop a hammer on it, it will leave a dent. Some people love this however, as it means that the "table will age with your family." 

Red Oak is a more expensive option, but this is considered "heirloom quality" as it is a hardwood that is pretty difficult to beat up. We do offer red oak in a smooth finish or a circle sawn finish. 

 Your piece(s) will be very hefty and will likely outlast you!


Question: What if I get my table and don't like the colors?

Answer: Every piece we make is made to order. That means you choose the size, style and color. Keep in mind that every piece of wood is different! Every board will stain differently, please understand this before ordering with us.

 It is not something we have control over.


Question: You just called and said my piece(s) are ready for pickup. I am heading out of town and can't get them for a week. Will you hold them?

Answer: We can hold your items for a temporary time. Once we reach out to you, please try to make plans within 14 days to come pick up your items. . 






-Our Warranty-

Our warranty covers all manufacturer defects in regards to products not functioning correctly. Example - Joints in the wood of the product are insecure or wobbly or wood is coming apart or breaking naturally.


What our warranty does not cover: anything that has occurred due to mishandling of furniture, such as damaging the finish, force to the wood causing it to break, or natural tendencies of wood when treated to extreme humidity & temperature changes (Twisting, bowing, warping). Wood is a natural product and we have no control over it moving over time, especially in different temperature and humidity. 



We offer delivery as stated above. If there is something that is not correct on your furniture when it arrives due to inadequate communication from the customer, there will be a $50 fee for us to come fix the furniture in your home or $75 for us to pick it back up and bring it back to our shop and work on it. 


-Distressing: The majority of the furniture we make by hand is ordered with distressing being one of the most important things a customer wants. We do this all by hand, meaning that no two points of distress will look the same. This is normal, and there will not be any refunds given for the distressing on the chairs not matching or for the level of distressing not being what was expected by the customer when the order was placed. We do not heavily distress anything unless it is asked for the customer. Please view our photos to get an idea how we distress our furniture before placing the order.

-Stain variation: All wood excepts stain differently. We unfortunatley don't have ultimate control over how wood will accept the stain you choose. We do offer different types of wood for many of our products. We cannot guarantee that your product will look exactly like a product on our website or an example that you've shown us. That's part of the beauty of custom furniture though, as there will never be another item made just like yours. There will be no refunds given or rework done for the color of the product being slightly different than expected. With that being said, we strive to always do our very best to match your expectations. 

-Stains used: Our "Light Brown Stain" Is Special Walnut by Minwax and our "Dark Brown Stain" Is Jacobean by Minwax. We can use other stains if given the exact information we need such as brand and color of stain. 




-importance of notes: When you place your order here on the website, there is a place to leave special notes for us. If we've communicated via phone, text, facebook, or any other place about special/custom things regarding your furniture, these things MUST be included in the notes section. With 20-40 orders passing through our shop each month, we will not remember something that was said in passing on a phone call or in a text message. Please help us help you by doing this. 

For example: You messaged us on facebook asking if we could build a different style table top for your table than our standard table top design. We say that we can do it, but it is never confirmed by you that it is in fact what you want. You place your order and don't leave any notes. We get to your order and build the top as we normally do, because there are no notes to tell us otherwise. You come to pick up the table and it's not what you thought, but there was a breakdown in communication. If there had been notes on the order that simply said "Would like the different style table top that we spoke about and sent a picture of on facebook. Please see that message when beginning production", then we would have referred back to our conversation when we began building your table. 

If you don't want your table distressed or you want a special paint color, it MUST be included in the notes during checkout. 

This saves us all from being frustrated by the product not being what we had thought (both on our end and on your end.)

Please note that we cannot rework your furniture because of this. If there are special details they MUST be placed in the notes section. We will not be held liable to ideas that were mentioned in passing and never written down. 


This must be determined at the time the order is placed and if it is something different than our standard options, must be placed in the notes so we know exactly what to do. 


If you want to make changes to your order, we must be notified of these changes within 48 after the order is placed. Otherwise there is a chance we have already begun on your items and it is a waste of material and labor to do something different. We will not grant requests made to an order after the 48 hour mark.